Civil & Criminal Law

Schaefer Shapiro, LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership located in Omaha, Nebraska. The firm’s attorneys are licensed to practice law in all Nebraska State and Federal courts.  Schaefer Shapiro, LLP has established an enviable reputation as a broad based legal practice with particular emphasis on litigation, both civil and criminal. The attorneys in the firm cover nearly all areas of practice in all state and federal courts, both trials and appeals. Each of the attorneys concentrates in an area of specialized expertise, including DUI Defense, Criminal Law Defense, Personal Injury, Probate, Real Estate, Business Planning, Contracts and Domestic Relations.

The firm provides an entire package of legal services thereby taking its clients from the very beginning of their legal matter through advising on complex issues, dealing with any dispute that may arise and handling efficiently all legal aspects of their client’s needs.

The civil law field is of ever increasing importance to the law firm. It practices in all related disciplines such as advising clients on the establishment, structure and use of business entities and trusts and estate planning.

The firm’s attorneys are best known for their emphasis on criminal defense, representing many high profile cases in the Omaha area. The firm is widely respected for defending the principles of justice provided by the U.S. Constitution.

The experience, strength and breadth of the law firm’s expertise, its network of reputable legal practices and strong links with the community allows for the work that we undertake to be handled quickly and efficiently with the aim of providing the optimum level of legal service to the client at a fair and reasonable cost